Scorpions - Slave Me

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Life's a kind of struggle
Living in this town
I'm never looking back no
Just ahead
My mind was locked up in a cage
Always ready to break out
Those heavy chains on me drive me mad

I want to be in love tonight
I want to get you when I got you
Give me just one night
I want to be your love tonight
Slave me

Scorpions - Dynamite

Kick your ass to heaven
With rock'n roll tonight
I'll make this night a special one
Make you feel alright
Shoot my heat into your body
Give ya all my size
I'm gonna beat the beat tonight
It's time to break the ice


Hit the top together
Get ya with my spell
I'm gonna make my shot tonight
Take you down to hell
Eat your meat until you're breathless
Twirl your hips around
I'm gonna break my neck tonight
I'll get you off the ground

Scorpions - No Limit

What's the noise who's to blame
The Maserati comes unchained
Smell the power and energy
Come away, come away, come away

You're the rider of the wildest storm
Live your dreams before they're gone
Feel the spirit that sets you free
Come away, come away, come away

You gotta live it up there's no limit
We gotta make it there's no limit
You give it all you've got there's no limit
Reach for the sky

Scorpions - Miracle

We took the long way
The long way home
And now it's just one step to go
All those hours alone
With only thing to get you home
Will I get out of this?
And all that's left for me is hope
Now all I'm hoping for

Is a miracle (a miracle)
To see the daylight
A miracle
The skies so blue
It's a miracle (a miracle)
To find a new life
A miracle
To be back with you!

Scorpions - Blackout

I realize I missed a day
But I'm too wrecked to care anyway
I look around and see this face
What the hell have I lost my taste
Don't want to find out
Just want to cut out

My head explodes, my ears ring
I can't remember just where I've been
The last thing that I recall
I got lost in a deep black hole
Don't want to find out
Just want to cut out

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout

I really had a blackout